It’s time to write in english for long time ago. This is a compilation of things I writed my earlier articles in finnish. There is two (or maybe three) things which has made me sad last days. The first (and the biggest thing:) Riki Sorsa’s (finnish popular singer 1952-2016) death. The second is also popular singer and songwriter death, (so it’s kind of the same thing:): Lasse Mårtensson (1934-2016) died just a few days after Riki. The third sad thing is our hockey teams (The Lions) los at the World championships.

Riki was known mostly of he’s songs: ”Muuttohaukka” (peregrine falcon), esc1981 competition song: ”Reggae Ok”, ”Joki” (the river), ”Haaveissa vainko oot mun” (are you only a dream). I allso really liked songs: ”Tää on se ilta” (this is the night) and ”Elän kuin haaveilin” (I lived like I dreamed). In he’s teenage years (at 70’s) he did a little bit different songs in english with too different bands. I find a few good songs he made with ”The Zoo”. You can listening Riki’s songs at my earlier articles. Riki was very sympathetic person and he had he’s personal sound. He was the icon of my childhood! We really miss you Riki!

Lasse Mårtensson was although songwriter allso an actress and a conductor. Mostly he was known atleast these songs: ”Myrskyluodon Maija” (Maja of stormskär), ”Kaikki paitsi purjehdus on turhaa” (everything but sailing is unnecessary), Laiskottellen (lazy day), Aurinko Laskee Länteen (the sun sets in the west), ”Rikas mies jos oisin” (if I’d be rich man).
”Mä lähden stadiin” (to the City).
You can listening my favorites at the article: ”Tekijät poistuvat musiikki elää”.



Last but not least…the hockey final was a big disappointment. It would have been Finlands turn to win. I somehow thought it could be possible ’cos we had a really good team but when the final game started it was clear we can’t win. The whole game was bad from the beginning. It was not even exiting. Well maybe next year…Still the silver medal is not bad…After all I’m happy we made it to the final…The Lions did their best and they won every other game. Luckily we have many good young players too (in that team and other teams) so our future at hockey is bright. (Our both two youngster team won a gold medal!) We can be proud of that!

Anyway now it’s time to enjoy of the summer which is so short in Finland that you have to live it like ”The day is the last summer day”. So they say in one great finnish advertise too.

Summer is time finnish really start to live ’cos the vinter is so long and depressive. In summer we are totally different. We smile, we laughe, we even talk to strangers…or atleast neighbours. I guess we’re not so introverted as it’s said. It’s just the darkness which is allmost always here. So summer is a big thing for us.

Where ever you are or what ever you do, I wish a grate summer to all of you!



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