Would you believe that this picture is from Helsinki? It's quite near where I do live these days.


I have always been proud of beeing finnish but now I am even moore proud. I have heard in videos and read for this past year so many positive comments of Finland and finnish people.


This is allso from Helsinki.

For example in one blog some exchange student from USA said something what is not so usually regognised. She said that she admired our honesty. We mean what we say. We don’t play anything. That’s so true and that’s one of the best things in finnish people! I love that we’re straight and don’t usually flatter anyone. I don’t understand why you should do that ’cos it’s not helping anyone. You can be both: polite but allso honest. Sometimes (if nobody asks your opinion of something f.e.x her/hes clothes) it’s may be better you say anything (if you don’t like it). I think it hurt more if you just flatter and don’t mean it. Usually it’s so clear that someone is only flattering. You can get a genuine friend of finnish. Allso If you loose something in Finland you usually get it back. Isn’t that wonderful?


This is about 80km from Helsinki, so quite near allso.

Naturally allmost everyone likes our nature and that we have so much nature in the Helsinki city allso. That is the thing which allmost everyone named in blogs and in videos. No wonder they named it ’cos our nature really is beautiful (esp. in summer when it’s light, flowers is flowering and water areas are shimmering). Winter can be beautifull allso when it’s snow and the start of autumn when the leaves are so colorfully. I love our nature myself too! One South African vlogger (who visited here quite long time) said in her vlog that she loved beeing outside here ’cos we don’t have much spiders or scorpions or something like that and that you don’t get burned so easily. She allso said that it’s good were not so loudy (or that she realized that thing when she got back home where she got irritated by loudy voices.) I understand. I like allso that silence what there usually is where ever you go. You can be at fully subway or buss at four or five and there is still quite silent (except if it’s weekend). Why shout so loud that everyone here everything and nobody is hearing her/his own voice?


This is from Salo, my friends home village (about 100km from Helsinki).

There is one thing I have different opinion with foreigners. Everyone of them seem to be hating ”salmiakki”. I love it, it’s grate taste in it. I remember when I was a child, I usually eated candy named: ”merkkarit” like allmost every kids did at that time. It included fruit and ”salmiakki” taste. Both was good and I really loved the taste of ”salmiakkimerkkari”. It’s classic. ”Merkkarit” was one of the best things at childhood. Few years ago they bring back an old (many says the real ones) merkkaripouches (which is easier to by at corner store instead of take somewhere pick ’n’ mix candy which was the only way to get ”merkkari”candy then). I haven’t eated those for long time ago. Then when I brought that pouch it was like time trip to childhood. Those were smaller than the original candy ’cos many child were close to choke those 70’s and 80’s and someone really did choke. So now those are more safety…but still sooo good! You all should taste that classic candy!


This is from our summer cottage village, in a Keuruu town at Middle Finland. This is an old dancing place where they every year arranged f.e.x midsummer dances.

According the statistics, finnish are allso one of the happiest people in the world, even though it’s always said how melancholic we are. I think it’s mostly the darkness which makes us seasonally melancholic but we can allso joy and as you propably know we can party heard! If you still haven’t visit in Finland do it now!


Same place from the other side. (In the middle there is a bridge which was the old dance stage).

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