I made a promise for few people to write in english more. So I will…from now! I’m not so perfect in english, but I’ll try my best!

That video is funny! Finnish are obviously quite smart! Only I’m thinking that is the smokingclip thought of being finnish habit. If so, I have to say it isn’t anymore. We have these days a hard smokinglaw. It’s not allowed in many placies anymore. In restaurant’s there is a sides for smokers and no smokers…

In those pictures you can see the treats I’ve been eating last days. So good…

1. I watched a video (which is at the end of the article), where some foreigner tasted that Fazer salmiakki-suklaa and loved it. Then I had to have it too. I didn’t even remember how delicious it is, but it really is! The salty salmiak and sweet chocolate is a great combination!

2. Those are quite new Fazer chocolate and there is a few tastes included. Here is two of those. These are yammy! (I haven’t tasted the other ones.)

3. This is an (whiteshocolate-salmiak) ice cream. I tasted this for the first time and it was very good too!

4. This Brumberg shocolate is also finnish qualitycandy like Fazer. It’s made in the beautiful town called: Porvoo. It is different than Fazer chocolate but it’s delicious too! Brumberg also makes very good liquorice!



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