I wanted to write an artickle for a finnish legend: Pertti ”Spede” Pasanen (10.4.1930-7.9.2001). He was multitalented showbusiness man. He was an actor, comedian, songwriter, producer, director, screenwriter and also inventor.

Pasanen started his carrier in the radio and made sketchies. His best known radioscetch is propably a comedyserie: ”Papukaija G.Pula-aho” (Parrot G.Pula-aho). 

He moved to tv at 60’s and made sketchseries and lot’s of comedymovies. At 1970’s he made his most famous comedycharacter: Uuno Turhapuro (as Vesa-Matti Loiri). Uuno is funny character, who loves (to flirt with) women (even is married) and eat very much. Uuno is not working but he’s quite active in other ways. He’s parody of one type of finnish man. 

Later Pasanen continued with tv-work while making Uuno-movies, which have made 19.

His best known inventories are: two headed car and the ski-jumping-sling.

These clips are from the (Spede company) movie: ”Uuno armeijan leivissä” (Uuno in the army). Uuno is sitting on the right side at these scenes. He’s the man with the masks and with few black teeth. Spede is sitting next to him, so he’s in the middle. He’s playing the second friend of Uunos. The second friend (Simo Salminen) is on the left side.

In these clips Uno is taking a little brake from the army and goes at some hotel with his friends. I think they was gonna eat something very cheap, ’cos they ever have much money, but they are lucky. Uunos father-in-law is having a conference at that hotel, and he wanted those people at conferenceroom having food while his ”taking care of his business” (read:finding Uno.) He tell’s the headwaiter, he’ll pay that rooms bill but those conferenceroom and Uunos group room will mix. So Uuno and his friends get everything free, and that conference group don’t get anything.

(If your foreigner, rewiev the first 40 seconds at the first clip, you don’t understand that speak, and it’s not part of the actual scene.)

This clip is from the same movie. Uuno is playing biljard with lowest officer rank in the Finnish army (second lieutenant). Look what happens!

In this sketch Spede, Vesa-Matti Loiri (”Vesku”), and Simo Salminen (also known as Uuno actor) are going to trek, and they are checking the equipments, which is going terribly wrong…

This clip was in the movie: ”Rautakauppias Uuno Turhapuro-presidentin vävy” (Ironmonger Uuno Turhapuro-presidents son-in-law) and also there is sketch version of that clip where Spede is that ironmonger. The original movie clip have been deleted in youtube so I put there the two versions I still found. The first version is edited version of that movie clip. This clip is shorter than the original and there’s some stupid sound in background but there is english texts. The second version is the sketch version (from the Spede show). It is starting like the other clip so I recommend you watch it first. Then you know what they’re talking about (first 6mins.) In the movie Uuno is really temporary working. I’ve heard ironmongers were like that before. Luckily they are not anymore! This you must see! 

This clip is from the same movie again. In the beginning women who’s sitting on the sofa are Uunos wife (right) and her fathers wife (left). They think that the fridge should be in the kitchen, not beside the sofa, even Uuno have got used to eating on the sofa. Then Uuno comes, imagine his eating, lays down on the sofa and says: ”Olipa taas mautonta lauantai-makkaraa”, in english: ”It was tasteless lauantai-cold-cuts again”. (”Lauantai” is our cold-cut-brandy, which means saturday in english). By the way, fridge is ”jääkaappi” in finnish.

This is very funny clip from the old popular sketch-serie: Spede Show. It’s a parody of english language coursevideo. So everybody understands everything in this video.

Spede Show: Practical english.

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