If your finnish (or danish), you propably know this (originally danish) tv-format, if your not, you maybe don’t. So I’ll tell you.

Like the name says, this is the program, where three couples meet for the first time at the altar. They have never met before, they have never even heard to each other. No e-mails, no nothing. 

The only thing that makes somekind of sense in this, is that the relationship professionals have been chosen those couples based on wishes to ones partner of those partisipants. The couples also can take divorce right after the three weeks marriadge, (in that time we can be watching how their everydaylife is going.) It’s like a test marridge.

At first I was very suspicious with this format but then I realized how well it works. The couples really takes it seriously and there been also love at first sight and couples who stayed together. 

Muumi limonade. It tastes wild strawberry! It’s yammy! Kids like…and I…and my partner.


At this season all of the couples seems to be more or less delighted. How wonderfull is that?! This is really working! Especially one couple have been really in love from the begin, when they stepped at the altar and they looked each other. They kissed like an old couple after they were married…and they kissed again…and again…That’s funny ’cos it’s not what you usually do, when you just met someone. It’s like their ment to be together and without this format they propably ever met. So this program really gives a lot! 

Now I’m just wating in whitch way these couples will go. Will it last over the ordinary days, now when the honeymoon is over (whitch they had in the last episode, where one couple travelled to Paris, one to Varsova and one to Praha). Will it maybe lasts for the rest of their lifes…You never know. Maybe it could! Atleast they have a good story to tell their children. 

Now when I think, I can see that if you have been lonely for a while, it gives you hope, when you know that there is someone somewhere waiting for you, even you don’t know who he/she is, even you don’t know what he/she looks like. It’s much if you know that there is someone who want’s to get to know you and is committed to you! For that base it’s good to be building and I think those couples chances to stay together is the same (fifty fifty) than the others. It can’t be that worse.




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