I read one blog, where the topic was something like that: first memory of connection with some person. It came in my mind my first ”awakening”. It’s my first, clear memory of being my own person and being alive. In other words my awareness of me came in to me. It happened near my 6:th birthday (maybe little before) in may 1986. Sure I do have memories before that, but those are just like flashes, a little pieces of my life. That ”awakeningday” made me understand that I’m part of this world and it actually also made me feel.

I remember how it suddenly came. Like I have been woke up from dream…and then I was sitting on the livingrooms sofa. The spring sun was shining on me and I suddenly had a warm feeling. I felt my own body. I felt my home. I felt the sun, everything…It just hit me: this is me and this is my home. Then I realized that my mom was in the kitchen and I just suddenly got to see her. ”Äiti” (=mom), I shouted and went to the kitchen, where she was cooking dinner for us. ”Mitä?”(=what), my mom asked. I watched her full of happiness inside me and just answered:”Ei mitään” (=Nothing). Then I went to livingroom again and started to play something (I think). That’s it. I was back at normal life…but this ”awakening” was very powerfull experience and I never forget it. I will always remember it with warm mind. 

Do you have this kind of experience? Let me know!


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