At first I want to thank all of my new readers. So nice to have you all! Welcome to my blogworld!

Those who wait the blogpresentations, I haven’t done that, ’cos there in the list is just few blogs. So I hope, you go to article: ”Link your blog” and put your bloglink there.

Then to the real topic, witch is baltic herring market in Helsinkis main market square, in harbour. That market is arranged there every year in october. The first time this market was arranged already in 1743. So it’s very old tradition, where fishers are selling differently made fish, mainly baltic herring but there is also other fish (in addition other seasonal products, like lingon berries, blueberries, apples, chanterelles and so on). 

It used to be my familys habit to go to baltic herring market every year together but now my parents are so old that their moving is hard and they haven’t been there for few years. This year (yesterday) I decided to go there in the morning, before my work. (My workday is beginning at 10.00.) I bought one peruvianpepper herringroll pot to old lady I’m helping as my job and one same kind of pot to my parents. To my parents I also bought apples and ryemeal bred with herrings wich was so good! The combination was great! I just love so much ryebred. Couldn’t live without it!

Monday morning at the market was beautiful and quite warm (if we think that it’s already october). It was only 4 celcius but the wether was calm and sunny so it was not bad! 

The market square was full of japanese turists. They often visit in Helsinki at autumn. It’s nice to see that they get along in Helsinki. Japanese are surely enjoying this market, ’cos they (usually) love fish.

What’s rare, I didn’t saw any seagulls…witch is not bad, didn’t really miss them, though they are cute in a way, but very greedy! Once they almost took my bread at ”Suomenlinna”.

So I had lovely morning and for the long time ago I finally got to taste market coffee witch is a must thing if you go to market in Finland. 

That shadow is mine… 🙂

Looking delicious, right?

At left are cloudberry jelly, at right are sea buckthorn berry jelly…yammy!

These pictures are taken at some touristshops window near by market square.


9 ajatusta artikkelista “SILAKKAMARKKINAT/THE BALTIC HERRING MARKET 2.-8.10.

  1. Voi vitsi kun oliskin ehtinyt tuonne! Mä niin tykkään silakkamarkkinoiden tunnelmasta (vaikkei silakka ookkaan lempiruokaa…) Ihanat värimaailmat sun torikuvissa.

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