That’s the painting I made for my partners birthdaypresent years ago. (Birds singing is natures own beautiful music…)


Music = Life –

I just red that article and started to think this subject, which have been also the topic in my mind what to write. I love music very much too! I think it’s hand in hand with my love to dancing. Music is the way to express myselves. Music gives the emotions and the whole meaning for dancemoves. Music wakes those up!

I think everyone is sometimes thought also the quetion: which one is more important: to be able to see, or to hear. What do you think? If I should choose, I would say that to be able to see is much more important than to (be able to) hear, even I love to listening music. Anyway, I hope I can keep both. 

I want to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I want to see oceans and lakes and flovers in the forest. 

Also I want to hear the birds singing and I want to hear all beautiful music. Without it I couldn’t dance so well either…or I could dance (with counting) but the emotion would be gone. I couldn’t feel my dance, I couldn’t live those feelings. It isn’t the same thing…

So both senses are really important (to me). We should be gratefull if we can do both! 

Let’s enjoy the beautiful music now…The following songs are all wakeing up some, (different) emotions…atleast my mind…The third one is love song. Doesn’t it go deep in your heart, like love? I feel so…


3 ajatusta artikkelista “MUSIC=LIFE


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