Did you know this? I didn’t but I red it some time ago from the newspaper. It’s quite awesome to know, specially now when I’m like ”mom” to the cutest dog whos familymember I’m takeing care of. (I have been training it (wich was not easy, ’cos it have the boss character) and I have been there in it’s life the whole time it’s been in the family. It came there about few months year, and it’s clearly keeping me as it’s ”mom”.) 

I’ve seen that the dog understands much of us speak. You can see it for its reactions, but I was uncertain how much really it understans. Now I do know and it’s great! I know I’m not talking so much for nothing to it. It may understand…more than we even realize…

7 ajatusta artikkelista “YOUR DOG UNDERSTANDS A 1000 WORDS


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