Hello again! I finally do this blogpresentation, which took time from me, ’cos I waited that I could get moore bloglinks but I didn’t. So there those are, four blogs, which are ALL FINNISH! I will some day make another article of my favorite blogs, where’s english language blogs, but first this’cos those four have been surely waited this for long time. So here it comes in random order.

1. Katja Ekaterina

This blog is (maybe) for younger girls or women who are interested fashion, make up, shopping etc.

The last article includes beautiful photos from Saint Petersburg, here’s one of those.

2. Erika

Erika is also young girl, who’s telling things about herselves, her style, her skin care products etc. Also there’s musiclist, which are my favorites!


15-year old girls lifestyleblog, where’s pretty much everything…She’s dancing like I am. Nice blog! I just wish, there could be more dancing articles. 

Inga is also decorateing nice phoneshells like that.

4. Juulia

This is pretty much training, food (and healthy) blog (which are good subjects). There’s some yammy looking recipes. Should try sometimes those…

By the way I tryed to comment but my comments didn’t got there so I don’t know if you Julia have some setting, which is blocking your comments or something like that…

There was that bloglist. Now I wait my saturday evenings higlight: ”Haluatko miljonääriksi” (”Who wants to be a millionaire”) quiz. That’s great program!


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    • I guess your right! I’m not shopping anymore so much (as younger) but I love love love (healthy) food! Maybe I love food so much ’cos I’m moving (and training) much, so I have always hunger! 🙂


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