These pictures taken on one beautiful autumn day in Helsinki.

In this statue is riding Finlands former president: Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (1944-1946). The statue is located in Helsinkis main way: Mannerheims way. Behind the statue is the contemporary art museum: Kiasma (1998). At first I didn’t like this building, but then I got use to it and now when I’m looking this picture, I can see it’s actually very beautiful (esp.this side). The wether was so nice and lightly and the sky beautifully bright blue (which makes that harmony).

The new students house 1910. In this building is for example a night club.

Beside the new students house is the old students house (1870) which is opposite of Stockmann department store. There is arranged different events, like the classical christmas market every year. there’s also cafe.

Helsinki Cathedral (build 1830-1852), designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. Sadly the Cathedral was in renovation at that time but I like this view anyway.

This picture is from Töölö area where is beautiful old houses, like this. This is propably one of the oldest houses in Töölö.

This picture is taken of window from A:s house (=lady I’m takeing care of). Trees were so beautiful by then. I miss those colorfully trees and lightness. Now it’s so dark already.

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