I’m surprised…but quite happy of the result of this season…Now it’s proved…this idea (of connect two strangers) is working!

Last night we could finally see do those arranged couples stay tofgether or not. Two couples of three desided to stay together! That’s a good reason to be happy even that one couple which were so in love at first, did divorce…but I knew to wait it. They did argue too badly at last. So the only couple which seemed to be so right at first, was eventually the rong one. 

Still the result is better than earlier seasons, when only one couple stayed together…and it’s so nice to see that those two couples have grown together and strenghtened their relationship. That’s what I was hoping for and knew their capable of. Those two couples are so cute! I really wish them all the best (and hope their love will lasts).


2 ajatusta artikkelista “MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT (DECISIONS)


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