Hello everybody! 
Yesterday we here in Finland celebrated fathers day. It’s every year the second sunday of november. 

I went to visit to my parents where my brother made dinner for us as usually. He made that delicious stroganoff what’s in the picture. Very simple but very good also! 

We had a great wine with that great food too and my favorite lime&lemon beer (with regular one), which is so fruity. It’s not bitter like beer normally (moore or less) is. That’s why I like it moore than a regular beer. 

So my brother made dinner and I bought three tastes of my favorite pies to us for dessert (That’s right I bought those, I didn’t bake myselves). There was a lingonberry pie, an apple pie and a blueberry pie. 

We eate two of three with coffee: (an apple pie and a blueberry pie). I love those pies, ’cos those are so juicy! Those melt in mouth. So why really bake your selves if you can by so tastefully pies at grocery store?! Even I know the bakeing is tradition in many familys at fathers day (like mothers day too). Still bakeing takes time and some how I feel I don’t find that time even I would like to. (or if I have time I don’t have the energy exept at christmastime). 

Anyway, like I said you find good pastrys at grocery store also and you can ”save” your selves (and for example sleep longer like I sundays like to do). 

Ok so, we had a good food, good dessert and good drinks…oh yeah, and the whole family together. What else do one need? 

Also the wether was our side. It was quite warm (0 celcius) and calm compared for earlier days. This year early came snow was started to melt a little bit. Soon the whole snow should melt away (”suitably” for christmas).

Good new week to everyone!

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