We’re living that long and sad dark time in Finland when sun barely rises. Luckily there is some light therapy for us. I found these great diffederent light effect videos of Helsinki and wanted to share those with you. Watch and be astonished!

Lux (light show) Helsinki

Senaatintori 2016.

Senaatintori 2014.

Senaatintori, Helsinki Cathedral 2013.


Linnanmäki: carnival of lights

Panoraama sights.

Roller coaster on ride, carnival lights on.

Linnanmäki tour.

Tone in carnival of lights.

The city in christmas lights

Helsinki by night

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  1. I so enjoyed visiting Helsinki in winter, via your post. I was there in Summer, and so recognized the places shown in the clips. How cool was the Tuomiokirkken with the waves washing over it in lights! Wow. and so loved seeing Kappeli in the snow! So beautiful. Thank you so much for posting.


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