Welcome to Helsinki! First our guide tells a history about Helsinki and Suomenlinna.

Then we gonna go to Linnanmäki amusement park. Have fun!

Now you’ve seen Linnanmäki and you will see the city…

…first from the air, so tie your seatbelts…

…then we will go to Eira and Ullanlinna…

…then you will see the most beautiful church in Helsinki, which is new gothic style and build in 1888-1891.It’s also located in Ullanlinna…

…then we will go around the city with tram and buss…

Thank you for your visit and welcome back! 
(Hope you’re not getting bored to these Helsinki posts but it seems you liked those, so…)

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  1. Thank you, this is so beautiful, ”the Land of the white lilies”, I remember this book. In my country it was well known book, (recalling the important historical bridge between the two countries, the founding father of the modern Turkish republic, Kemal Atatürk, who made Gregory Petrov’s famous book “The Land of White Lilies” essential reading in Turkish educational institutions.) It was legend success… One day we want to travel to there. Thank you again, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


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