Everybody always say that finnish language is hard. Actually it’s not so hard. You know, we have one word which you can use almost always. It’s:”no niin”

This I heard in finnish program: ”stand up” where the worlds most funniest person (2014) ”Ismo Leikola” said that in his show. No wander why he got that title.

This word:”no niin” you can use for example following situations:

  • Your children are fighting (or doing something wrong). It means the same as: ”enough”
  • You will drop something, (like your coffee falling on you). It means: ”why the h*** did I drop this coffee on me?”
  • In line (if you’re waiting your turn for example in bank or in front of the bar). It means: ”Oh man, how long this line is”.
  • Then it’s your turn. You say the word. In that moment it means:”finally”.
  • If you accidentialy cut your finger with knife, it means: ”Oh my god, I’m idiot”.
  • When you get ready on something, for example some house cleaning, or you made food and it’s ready, and you want to call everyone to eat. Then it means: ”It’s ready now”.
  • It’s friday or saturday night and you opening your first beer (after sauna). The meaning is: ”Oh yeah, now I can finally get relaxed and take some beer”.
  • You get gests at your house, the door bell rings…It means: ”Now their coming”.
  • When your gests is not leaving and you think they should… Then this means ”Come on, would you (pleace) go home finally”, I’m tired!
  • You win money on slot machine. Then this word means: ”Wow, I won!”
  • You are gonna go somewhere. The meaning is: ”(Ok, I’m ready,) let’s go”.
  • Something got broken. It means: ”Oh f***.”
  • You make something succesfully, like some convention, or something like that. Then the meaning is:”I made it!”
  • Your favorite tv-program is beginning. Meaning: ”It beginnings now”.

As you can see, finnish is not so hard…Just learn one word: ”no niin” (or even more easier:”noni”) and you can do fine. 

      (These situations are not all copied in that show I watched, but some of those are. I also used my own imagination.)


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