Everybody always say that finnish language is hard. Actually it’s not so hard. You know, we have one word which you can use almost always. It’s:”no niin.

This I heard in finnish program: ”stand up” where the worlds most funniest person (2014) ”Ismo Leikola” said that in his show. No wonder why he got that title.

You can use that word in addition to the situations mentioned in the sketch in the following situations:

  • Your children are fighting (or doing something wrong). It means the same as: ”enough”
  • In line (if you’re waiting your turn for example in bank or in front of the bar). It means: ”Oh man, how long this line is”.
  • Then it’s your turn. You say the word. In that moment it means:”finally”.
  • If you accidentially cut your finger with knife, it means: ”Oh my god, I’m idiot”.
  • When you get ready on something, for example some house cleaning, or you made food and it’s ready, and you want to call everyone to eat. Then it means: ”It’s ready now”.
  • It’s friday or saturday night and you opening your first beer (after sauna). The meaning is: ”Oh yeah, now I can finally get relaxed and take some beer”.
  • You win money on slot machine. Then this word means: ”Wow, I won!”
  • You are gonna go somewhere. The meaning is: ”(Ok, I’m ready,) let’s go”.
  • Something got broken. It means: ”Oh f***.”
  • You make something succesfully, like some convention, or something like that. Then the meaning is:”I made it!”
  • Your favorite tv-program is beginning. Meaning: ”It beginnings now”.

As you can see, finnish is not so hard…Just learn one word: ”no niin” (or even more easier:”noni”) and you can do fine.

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