That’s my grandpa’s childhood home at Vyborg. He lost his home at war. I’ve heard from my mom that it was a wonderful house near by Viipuris centre.

I also heard that when my grandpa came back at war, he saw only a stone foundation at the place where he lived. He sut down, smoked a cigarette and cryed. I’m sure all the memories came in to his mind. Thinking of this makes me always sad and it’s a petty I never saw this house which could be so nice summer home. 

I always wondered what kind of place this was and imagined my grandpa playing there…or eating apples of their appletrees as a kid…and running dressed like a girl. You see his mom wished him a girl, ’cos they had only boys and my grandpa was the youngest one (the last hope). So he was often dressed dresses.

Also I can see that their home was very tidy and beautiful. Everything must have been in it’s right place, like in dollhouse. I can see every furniture and floor shining. I can see the big living room, the fire place and the piano too.

This place lives only in my mind. There’s nothing more left anymore.



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