I’m sorry, this post is a little late but I had no time to write earlier. For me this is still 3.12. ’cos I’m still awake so…

The second calendar day you saw my granpa’s (childhood) home and now the 3.calendar day shows you my grandma’s home at Loviisa.

Their family speaked swedish like some of the finnish people. Everybody doesn’t know it but we have the bilingual country. Swedish is our second language which is must learn in school also even last years have been tough discussion of the ending that ”must learn”swedish. There is much people whos objecting that. 

Many of Finnish Swede people is living in Aland and at coast towns (like in Helsinki and in Loviisa). 

Even many of finnish is against swedish learning and think it’s useles (’cos we’re now free and not anymore part of Sweden and ’cos there’s nowadays so little swedish) still you for example get often job easier if you can speak swedish so it helps you. 

I wish I could get in to swedish kindergarten where my mom tryed to get me but she didn’t got me there ’cos both of my parents are finnish. Either one should have been Finnish Swede. It’s a pity ’cos that way I could learn swedish well. My grandma was so old when I was little and when I was then my grandpa ded. Then my grandma ended up in hospital. That’s why I never learned swedish very well.

Anyway, grandma was very close to me and we spent much time together. We always laughed and we baked together. We had so much fun together. That time was the best time of my life and I hope I could go back there for one or two days…or maybe for week…



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