CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 7.12. Linnan juhlat 2016/Presidents independent day admittance

Presidents independent day admittance 6.12.2016. at presidents palace. As women usually I also minded there was so many beautiful dresses. One of the most stylish women in palace was presidents lady Jenni Haukio. She really have find a great style which is perfect for her. I loved the color and the clipping of her dress. Also her make up and hairstyle was both beautiful.

There is my other favorit dresses, which all settled very beautifully and were so long that the legs of owner seemed to continue endlesly.

  • Laura Lindstedt (black dress, where’s pink flowers)
  • Emma Kari (white and blue silky dress)
  • Anna Saarinen (shining green dress, where was a drag)
  • Virpi Gustafsson (black lace dress, where was a slit)
  • Jonna Järnefelt (shining white dress, where also was a drag)
  • Eevi Myllylahti (grey dress, where was black pattern)
  • (Maria?) Kokkonen (red dress)
  • Jaana Pelkonen (beautiful silver glossy dress)

    There was some other beautiful dresses also but I don’t know the names who those used. For example there was one great ”salmon red” dress. (Don’t know if this word is used in english, in finnish it is). Then there was one gray dres, where was so beautiful drag.

    People voted for the most symphatetic gest a man who have a ”famos” pet bear. He was first time in independent day admittance. The second one in this voting was a young singer Robin, who’s only 18 years. He was also first time in independent day admittance as a gest. Last year he was performer there.

    Next year we are celebrating 100 year independent. While waiting for it…



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