CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 9.12. Impressionist: Jarkko Tamminen

Good evening readers! Or have it been good? It will be if you watch these fanny clips by my favorit impressionist. If you’re not finnish, every characters may not be familiar to you but I think you know many of them like Kimi Räikkönen (F1 driver), Jari Litmanen, Andy Mc Coy and Tarja Halonen (our former president).

”Halonen” is interwieved at presidents independent day admittance (after party). She have left at presidents palace ahead of time. At the end of the interview she saw politician ”Ike” Ilkka Kanerva and run to get to talk with him. 

”Kimi” as ”iceman” couldn’t describe the competition. All he said was: ”It was ok”. ”Kimi”came sad when interviewer asked why hi’s called ”iceman”. Hi said he’s actually warm person and started to cry.

Jari Litmanen admit that he gets paid ”of weed”(?) but he still don’t know Jussi Ahde. (Jussi is the boy of finnish politicians and he have got fine of using drugs. That was a big news over 10 years ago).



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