CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 10.12. (Looking to the future)

This is our future. Robots will soon do everything for us. We don’t have to work, we don’t have to do boring home works or anything we don’t want to do.

Before it happens we have to be ready for the change which means we will soon need an inclusive livelihood (in Finland it’s called: ”citizen pay”). Livelihood which with we could live without working. Now you’re propably thinking where to get the money. It could be taken for the salarys which is no more paid ’cos robots doesn’t need the money, right? You might also be thinking that firms doesn’t want to pay atleast enough. They will if they have to and they have to if we make that kind of law and we make the law if we get the right politicians to make it. So people have to think who we vote. 

Anyway sooner or later it will surely happends. This will propably take time, when robots can do almost everything (except some work leaders is surely needed) but then most of us are free to do what ever we like. We can start a new hobby or for example make a charity, (like I would do), enjoying life the way we like! No more 8.00.-16.00. working, no more the same commitment to wake up early every single morning. People are no more robots, the real robots will fix this that people could be humans, be the person one likes to be!

It could be wonderful to see that happening but I don’t think it’s possible for me…Or I propably gonna reach atleast pension age then if I’m still alive (unless pension age will rise) especially if we consider that I’m doing care work. I don’t think care work could be done only by robots for long time. 

Have a great weekend!


4 ajatusta artikkelista “CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 10.12. (Looking to the future)

  1. Oh man! That man one was CREEPY! I felt sorry for him when they ”turned him off.” I guess robots are going to be the norm in the near future but I wonder if we will keep in mind the old ”self-aware” aspect of them? YIKES!


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