Yesterday we we’re supposed to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday but it didn’t went like we planned.
At three o’clock my mother called me at work and said my father had some attack of disease. I left as soon as possible at work to my parents and when I called back my mom she said that disease was over and that father was ok again…or she thought he was. I assumed that maybe he was fainted, cause he’s not eating very well or drinking water.

I know my fathers remembrance have not been well for long time ago and he’s not talking too much and sleep a lot so maybe my aged mom didn’t at first see that everything is not right, cause it wasn’t. 

After I got there my brother came soon also and he called an ambulance cause father really wasn’t normal. He was restless and agressive and he couldn’t answer a simple questions. Also he puked once.

So now my father is at hospital and I don’t know anything more than just that he had very high feaver (over 40). Obviously he have gotten some eruption his wounded in his arms. Doctor promised to give more information (to my brother) after thorough analysis and still we haven’t get that information even it’s been over 24 hours now. 

I hope he gets well! Anyway it was good we we’re there with my brother so that we got him to the hospital (esp. my brother was big help). Now he get good care with the best doctors!


8 ajatusta artikkelista “CHRISTMAS CALENDAR 15.12. 


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