Christmas lights at Helsinki city: Mannerheimintie (Mannerheims way).

I just heard that my father have an pneumonia. He’s still in control room and propably gonna be there atleast whole saturday too. He’s so aged that it can be very serious -specially cause the feever was so high- but my brains doesn’t (want to) think like that. I have the feeling he’s gonna be ok. I just can’t think it any other way. Still this is surely taking time and I’m pretty sure he’s at hospital over christmas and propably over new year too. 

Atleast my mom can be resting now. She have been very tired cause she have been taking care of my father who have been in poor shape for a long time. (Like he’s been moving badly and remembering is weak).

My father have always been against hospitals and so we didn’t get him to doctor earlier…or once we did but then he wanted to come back home even was not ok. In a way it’s good this had to do now so he will finally be explored. I hope they gonna make every possible tests. Also I really hope mom will take this like the opportunity to rest. It’s the best for her!


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  1. I hope he gets better. There is a shot now for pneumonia. They strongly recommend that elderly folks get it. I’ve had it twice but when I was much younger. When he recovers, maybe suggest that shot for the future?
    Stay strong. 🙂

  2. I think I accidentially deleted the comment by ”coffeebeanbrain”. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to! I was reading it and suddenly it was gone…You were sending prayers, so I wanna thank you for that!


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