These are my favorit christmas songs by ”Leevi and the Leavings” which is the best finnish band ever. Too bad that the front man of that band: (Gösta Sundqwist) died 13 years ago only at the age of 46. He was a great songwriter.

It’s christmas again. You see it on your almanac. It’s snowing maybe freezing already in tonight. 

Somewhere happy family is passing christmas presents up. We are only listening silence with my wife. 

I remember how those christmas songs use to play in the past. How the christmas tree with candles bring the christmas feeling to me. 

Who is knocking at the door at christmas evening. Santa claus haven’t visited there in many years. 


It wasn’t Santa white beared old gradpa, not at all, when our doughter child in her arms surprises us. 

You have slimd down and too fragile christmas miracle, shooting star at heaven brings you to us. Christmas bells is playing.


Little doughter of us can’t be the mother yet. Still with the child she brings us the feelig of christmas. 

This christmas present wanderful is rescuing our eve. Old rocking horse at the loft is getting used again.



(Somewhere) it’s raining white snow (somewhere) and it’s all like a dream (somewhere) the whole solar system get’s the new hope.


How far did I fly again just missing you. Didn’t remember at all it’s again that time of the year christmas magic.


(Somewhere) on the clouds (somewhere) it’s still the place. (Somewhere) it’s in beautiful wether the place I could be find. (somewhere) there can stars be shining (somewhere) eyes will repeat the twinkling. (somewhere) Light will remove the darkness when it’s christmas night.


How far did I fly…

(Somewhere) if it’s still christmas (somewhere) we surely meet there (somewhere) do you still will spend the christmas time with me? (Somewhere) one saw light was twinkling (somewhere) towards it I left (soewhere) and far from the stars then I navigate.


How far did I fly…


Tomorrow it’s christmas, that real genuine christmas that childhoods poor christmas when candles bring me the mood

Tomorrow it’s christmas and then is everything different if then I could chance the things what can’t be done ever else.

White soil, snowy fields and forrest in it’s beauty it’s like behind the years I could travel when christmas bells build the mood now when christmas gets the minds tender

Tomorrow it’s christmas…

The poorest familys five children are waiting the path that eve what brings the christmas mood for everyone when the elf is peeking in the window but the presents them is bringing in other place

Tomorrow it’s christmas…

It feels almost like it’s been yesterday daddy packed his chlothes in backpack and walked away then by evenings when bells were ringing at the church mom were praying the preast don’t bring the grief message to home


Thank you for lord and luckily it’s time for christmas do you remember under blanket were the little ones covered when we sended goodbyes to our home on the way 

then I understood the reason why we left when the old cowhouses roof flame to fire luckily we got away…

Thought the parents did forbidded watch us back, I saw that winter sky flaming at fire, in the sleigh we eaten and wondered together, we did counting stars at sky with siblings


Thank you for lord…luckily everything is different in christmas and one can joy then we make the sheaf for birds when peace have came

Luckily it’s time for christmas…it’s time for christmas…it’s time for christmas, we thought so.

When it’s looking like the christmas humble is filling our hearts I remember the past the childhoods real magic 


For a while hesitant hope is filling mind, over region deep silence when it’s looking like christmas…when it’s looking like christmas

For comfort the poorest ones bothers psalmed ”angel of heaven” childrens singing choir turn of christmas diplomas


For a while hesitant hope…

Come to us christmas eve when the school is decorated with candles beside the door is placed a pig ginger bred pigs are still smelling




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