One more my favorite christmas song…

I remember all my childhood christmas I remember all those smells. At the edge of village to old lady christmas mornings I gave a flower. We decorated the christmas tree and eate cookies together. Everytime she spoked those words. I listened quietly.


Peace, christmas peace. Remember sanctify your christmas. Only the good things in us stays here when we leave the world. 

Peace, christmas peace when I heard those words she said. Not until then I felt my christmas beginnings again.


This christmas I walked again to that cottage isolated. I found the dark windows, garden desolate and quiet. The neighbourg told old lady new that I come at christmas eve. She wished I lay poinsettia down to her hill.


Peace, christmas peace, those words she don’t say anymore. Those balmy eyes are gone and that smell of the warm cottage. 

Peace, christmas peace can I find it anymore. Why didn’t I earlier came to visit by her again. 


I walked quietly on churchyard, I walked with tears in my eyes. To her hill I layed a poinsettia and lighted a candle. In that moment when flame ingnited I felt the warm sigh. A star in the sky, mellow wind bring the message with whispering.


Peace, christmas peace, remember sanctify your christmas. Only the good things in us stays here when we leave the world.

Peace, christmas peace I hear the wind whispering. I feel finally, after all my christmas can beginning.


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