Good eve’s eve morning to everybody! It’s now time of the second last calendar post already. This december have gone so fast that I almost haven’t stay in time with it.

I love The Nutcracker’s grand pas de deux, so I put that video in this post. It’s so elegant and the music is very very beautiful. (I mean that first 6-7min. period they dance together. That clip is longer.) I have loved it since I was a little girl! Unfortunately my favorite clip of that pas de deux is not available anymore but this is ok too.

Sadly here in Helsinki is very grey and dark. We don’t have any snow and we’re not (propably) getting it for christmas. Few days ago we had so beautiful snow cover here. It stayed in trees also and it was like in storybook and now it’s gone just before christmas…

In the future this kind of dark christmas will be normal because of the climate chance. It’s said in the news that we will get like a hungarian climate some day in the future. It means our winters will be darker which is not sounding nice. Well, just have to get use to it…

Have you done your christmas preparations yet? I haven’t. I should by today presents for relative kids (we don’t by presents with adults anymore) and I was gonna bake ginger breds but I don’t know if I have time. Let’s see…or then I do it after christmas…

How wanderful that soon I can rest few days and leave the hustles for a while…Just this one day left…



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