This is a great finnish christmas advertisment by the meal maker: ”Saarioinen”. This came already last year and they showed it this year too. Watch this! You can see a real Santa in this clip! 

”Saarioinen-The Christmas mornig at ”Korvatunturi”” (that place in Lapland were Santa lives):

Santa wants mrs.Claus in bed ”to rest” with him. So he suggests they eat (the good) meals by ”Saarioinen” and mrs.Claus don’t have to make christmas casserolles by her selves…Santa may have a little bit naughty thoughts…

”Every year the same thing”, says mrs.Claus at the end and goes to bedroom with Santa… so funny!

Our christmas ham. It seems to be smaller and smaller every year…but for a good reason…My grandparents haven’t been in years with us (they’r in heaven) and my parents doesn’t eat much anymore cause now they’r the seniors. I’m not either a big fun of ham…and also my brother have eaten less permanently since his diet…

So now we have celebrated the christmas. We have eaten the christmas ham or turkey and we have eaten other christmas foods, in Finland it most of us means different casseroles (like potato, carrot and turnipcasserole). 

Now we can begain to wait the spring. It’s kind of funny. All of the autumn we wait the christmas (which is basically just one day). It’s (every year) soon(er) gone and everything is back to normal again. Then we begain to wait the spring (or atleast I will), because it’s time when light is little by little coming back. It’s great! Even it takes time when you really can feel the difference, to knowing that day is every day closer, is helpfull and that is what really keeping me alive. 

Then the other thing what’s keeping me alive at this winter time is chocolate. That is what I could eat a slab or maybe a box per day. At christmas eve my brother bring us a really big chocolate box by Lindth. We eate it during that evening. My parents eate many bites even they younger weren’t a big fun of chocolate. Also my brother liked it and he doesn’t either usually eat chocolate…but it really was a very good chocolate! 

Well, week days are coming back again…but I still got tomorrow free at work and I’m gonna meet my good friend. She said she got news to me so I’m waiting…

Have a nice end of the week!


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