Year changed (or is changing Somewhere) and there will be new news, new competitions, new winners, new hit songs,new good things and new bad things…but still life goes on like before, life itselves doesn’t change. We grow, studying, fall in love, get a job, get married, got children, get older…and in the same time we make mistakes all the time, and we feel often bad lost and lonelines but we are not lonely cause we are all here feeling the same sometimes. All of the billions people in the earth feel the same sometimes…

All of the countries in the world I’m proud to be finnish. I know I said it earlier but now there’s things in my mind I never said. If you see some positive lists at news Finland usually is one of the top countries like 2016 Finland was the most safest country in the world and also we were in happines. That’s so great!

Then the thing in my personal life, I’m proud of: my team did get to the goldserie at womens gymnastics amateur competitions in seniors (or maybe more like aesthetic gymnasticks, I’m not sure of the right term but it’s mixed dance and gym). So this was a great year for my team too!

(I wanted to put some sport performances at 2016 in this post. Hope you don’t mind.)

Then last but not least…Finland’s junior lions got gold at hockey MM 2016…and also adult lions got the silver medal at MM -16.

I wish a happy new year everybody around the world!




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