I finally made it! I made those ginger breads yesterday which I was gonna do much earlier. I just didn’t have energy because of my sleep debt. Anyway now those are ready (as you can see of my pictures) and those are really good (though I have to admit I used a frozen paste from grocery store)! I love that frosting! It’s not only beautiful and fun to do, it also tastes great!

I had a little bit troubles to get those ginger breds stay whole cause I didn’t have flour and the paste was little hard to handle because of that. I had to make a little fat ginger breds so they stayed whole (even thin is more stylish I think). So I have a little bit fat angels now. Maybe those angels did eat too much at christmas…By the way, this was my first time I made angel ginger breds. Their head and wings was in danger…but I finally broke only one.

Yesterday and today I have relished many many ginger breds with glogg drink. I love glogg also! It’s good combination. Just remember these few things when you warm glogg: 

  • not to warm glogg with using an aluminium-or metal pot! Those can be severing some contaminants in your drink. 
  • the best way to warm glogg is warming it in microwave. Then it can be also parboiled. Otherwise it’s not recommended even if you have non alcoholic glogg. If there is alcohol it will evaporate and if there’s not the taste can still be enduring of parboiling. 
  • if you use a pot remember to use a pot where’s intact base. 
  • don’t use a kettle! 

Glogg and ginger breds…so good!

It’s 2017 now. ”New year and new tricks” as we say in Finland. So same in finnish: ”Uusi vuosi ja uudet kujeet”.

Have a nice new years first week!

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