(The weather, the presents and) BILLY ELLIOT

Real winter came in Finland (atleast for few days). In Muonio it have been the freeze record -41,7 celcius. Here in Helsinki it’s been little less but still about -20 celcius for few days (right now it’s anymore just -7 celcius and forecast sais it will come down more). It’s been cold yes but not so bad if you have a good quilted jacket like I do. Then you can handle it. I just need better gloves. By the way my jackets zipper did broke yesterday but luckily I have tabs in it…

Friday wasn’t very good day anyway. When I was on my way to work my train way stopped. First they only said that there was trouble with lights then after we did wait a while they said there was a faulty train ahead us and that they don’t know when we can move on. Nice! So I had to chance train to bus. It was so cold to stand at the bus stop and wait the bus.

Have you seen the ballet movie Billy Elliot? Where that little boy wants to be a ballet dancer but his father don’t like it. This movie came today at television. It’s my favorite movie. Here you can see  the clips of it. 

That’s my frends present to me from Rhodos. I have to Say I didn’t like these. I thought that candy is always sweet but I was wrong. These wasn’t sweet at all. Instead of that last time we saw we went some new cafe where I drunk lovely chailatte with espresso. So yammy! We also eate at one vietnamise restaurant which is very cheap but good place.

This was my (only) christmas present (in packet). These syrups are surely tasting good. There is cloudberry and cranberry tastes. Should try these! In addition I got money which is allways nice so you can by what you really need!

Now I must sleep. I’m very tired. So good night!

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