Watch this! Very funny video of finnish people…(except that swearing part.)

In this video they use a word ”kiitos” in meaning ”pleace” but we don’t actually have the word ”pleace” in finnish language. ”Kiitos” is the same as ”thank you”. You can use it like the word ”pleace” but practically we don’t use it like that. We just say: ”Yksi olut ”or ”Yksi kahvi” which means: ”One coffee (pleace).” Actually that tells a lot of finns. We don’t use any extra words cause we don’t flatter or need to be extra polite. We’re straight and honest if you know what I mean.

Another thing what I noticed was that part where they’re at the tram and show how unsocial people are. I have to say it’s not always like that. For example foreigners we do help gladly but otherwise we don’t much talk to strainge people. Women maybe do that little bit more than men…or men can do that when they’re drunk. I do talk sometimes for strange people and specially for few of my neighbourghs who’s very Social…but the truth is I haven’t always energy to talk everybody (or anybody). Sometimes it would be nicer just to be with your own thoughts and for example write this blog but I don’t dare to be quiet if someone is talking to me.

Anyway after watching this video you are little bit closer finnish life and our thoughts…(I think…)

…Hope you like this…Till the next time…


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