In this time of year you gonna need lots of yummys so that you can survive in this darkness (or polar nights). Sugar is maybe not the best energy source but atleast I can’t live without it (specially now). 

Luckily this season is not lasting so long anymore now when we’re already in spring period. In this post I will introduce you some finnish delicacys which (mostly) have helped me.

Moomin soda. It tastes wild strawberry. Yammy!

That I should by…”Slow for a while”-chocolate.

…and that too. ”On the go again”-chocolate. I’m always going somewhere. Panda chocolate is usually good. I think these are too.

That classic schocolate is called ”Celebration chocolate”. These are so good…

There we have ”Raspberry caves” Also very good…

White hazelnut chocolate bar…It’s melting in your mouth…

Banana cream pudding. Pirkka is good and cheap brand.

And finally mango cakes.

So try these if you com to Finland!


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