MEMORIES OF ”A”(the lady I took care)

This is finnish eurovision song 2017. I think it’s beautifull. The words are great (and those are fitting to this post). Also the voice of the singer is great. This year we really might success. I know I said it many times (too easily) but now I really don’t find anything wrong about this song. It’s rare. If I’m wrong now, (and we are not in the top10) I promise I will never comment finnish esc songs again.


It’s funny that we (the lady I took care and I) lived mostly in different time but we have lived in the same area and walked the same streets. We have watched the same sun and the same moon at the same place. The same placies are familiar and memorable to us. For me it’s the place where I grew up and her it reminds of the days when her children were little and she was younger and healthy.

The yard at ”A”s holiday apartment.

In fall 1998 I had my 18 birthday (so I grew up to a child for a woman). It was a big year to me but I didn’t know that it was a big year for someone else too. For someone who was later part of my life. That someone were at her holiday apartment that year with her family when she did fall in stairways, got a stroke and got paralyzed. So that year did change her life conclusively.

Sauna at ”A”s holiday apartment.

We didn’t know each other before our trail did meet at 2007 when I applyed to work for her as her care taker. At first I didn’t know what to think about her but soon I realised that we had lots of common. We both liked dancing. She took ballet classes at youngster and I’m also training ballet at my gymnastickteam. She did work as a psychologist and I’m very interested of psychology and also considered younger that job myselves. Also we both were interested of dreams. Her husband were a sleep researcher. You see we really had a lots of common.

”A”s friends cat is lying on the ”A”s bed.

I will always remember the first time when we went to visit her holiday apartment. I fell in love that place. It was so romantic and beautuful. I was lucky, I got the chance to visit many times at weekends there with ”A” and her boy. I enjoyed my time there. Specially I enjoyed that lovely wooden sauna where you could see straight to the lake. (In steam room I mean).

The view on the window at ”A”s holiday apartment.

There was also the second place which I fell in love with. It was ”A”s friend’s place near of Turku which is also very beautiful area and she had those lovely cats. One of those came sometimes to sleep with me. There was lovely people also. Those I miss, specially one of them.

”A”s friens cat at my lovely air bed.

I got so many special experience which I could never get in any other job. I’m always greatfull of that. Even that part of my life is over, I’ll never forget that!


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