That song reminds me of ”A” and her last months.

Be Still and Know – http://wp.me/p430UE-Dt

Watch this great post. That’s something I’m also scared of now when my moms remembrance have regenerated. Like I told you it was tested and that test went badly. It’s very liable that she have dementia or alzheimer.


Ok, so now I have to turn a new side in my life. I was so used to do what I did for years that it feels strange but on the other hand this could be better for both of us. I’m sure ”A” is now in better place and I don’t need to watch her suffering and how she did decay for day by day more and more in front of me. It was heavy cause I couldn’t help her anymore no matter how hard I tried.

For now I’m makeing task job in the same firm. So I have casual (care takeing) job now and then at customers home. I have been very interesting placies. I like it when my every working day is different and that I meet different people. Although some of them are treating me like second class citizen or like a child (even I’m 36.) They are people who also wait that I take the control of their place right away. That I know what they want just like that, like I should be a mind-reader. Well I’m not. No one is. Majority of customers are still quite nice and personal. The biggest problem is that I don’t have job every day and working days are usually short. So I should find soon a new permanent job. 

If someone is thinking I’ve been quite unactive here bloggingworld for a while, it’s mostly because I had some hard virus which took over a week. At first I had (high) feever and that feever did lasts almost a week. It’s untypical long time for me. With that feever I got a terrible cough which continued after the feever low down. I’m a little bit sad that this virus came just when ”A” was very weak at hospital and I couldn’t go watch her but luckily I got to visit at hospital at once. 

So now let’s look to the future and move on to new challenges. I hope you’r all well! 

Love, yours: ”Tanssityttö (=dancing girl)”


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