That beautiful song ”A”’s godson did perform at ”A”’s funeral with his some guitarist friend. That song name in english is: ”My heart will stay there” and that tells about everything of it’s message. So basicly it says that life is short but the heart stays at your hometown when person leaves this world.


Saturday we walked ”A” to her last journey. The preast spoke so beautifully of her. That reminded me of her kindnes and warmnes. I layed a white lilie to her coffer and left the last farewell, her fasies in my mind (as I remember those when she was still lively and happy.)

Many people of loved ones speaked also beautifully of ”A”. There were things where I recognised her like her beautiful laugh which were mentioned. I would also liked to speak more but I just couldn’t. I was too nervous. I’m better writer than speaker.

”A”’s dotter told us that when she was at hospital before ”A” passed away, she said ”dear” to her. That was so touching to hear and I was surprised that she could still talk. Last time I was there she didn’t say anything to me. Maybe she knew that her time has come.

I also heard that she was remarkable contributor of neuropsychology in Finland. I did heard something earlier but not that much. That was very interesting. She was also setting up neuropsychology association. She achieved big things in her life which is admirable! 

In all speeches repeated some almost same things like how hospitable, fair and social she was and how interested she was of all people and their story…since she was a little girl. That’s how I also remember her and will always remember!

By the way that second song is one of my favorites by my favorite singer. It’s in english: ”I feel that sadnes”. As you can guess the singer is missing his loved one. That’s all you need to know this song. It’s lovely!

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