The glittering at dance floor have begun…namely the finnish version of dancing with the stars did start last sunday with a new season. I’ve always liked that show and now when I watched this first episode of this season, I just can say: ”WOW”! There is so much quite talented competitior. No one did fail fully. No one did flip steps. Everyone of them could made some kind of perform. 

My favorite was Laura Malmivaara with her partner. They also got the best points (36). Their tango was so elegant and Laura moved beautifully and looked stunning! She as an actor could get the feeling in her dance! ((as you can see in that videoclip), though I would like to see little bit more passion and heat in it)).

Anna-Maija and Matti made also great performance. Their jive were really lively and vivid and I loved that green fringe dres which was on Anna-Maija!

Now when I know how potential dancer there is I wait the next episode eagerly! 

Have a nice weekend!

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