At thursday evening I got totally surprised at grocery store. I did buy a nicotin to my man (who have quit smoking with those). I saw that the seller looked at me and soon she said: ”should I ask your ID card?” ”Well, I’m soon 37 I answered though I had always driving card in my wallet. I could show it if she really wanted. She looked like she been shamed for asking and said: ”ok, ok”. 

I was wondering didn’t she really saw my grey hair which I have already quite much. Obviously she didn’t which means my situation is not so bad as I thought. It felt great to understand! I was so sure that no one ever asks my age again (atleast before I dye my hair). Last time it happened about a year ago but then I wasn’t so grey haired. That seller made my day! Thank you so much!


5 ajatusta artikkelista “THE CHEERY OF MY DAY

  1. Nothing better! I was made to go back to my car once, to retrieve my drivers’ license to get into a bar. You had to be 21. I was 37 and had four children. Made my day, too.
    I do remember telling that guy that he was really going to be embarrassed when I got back. He was!

    • In Finland you have to be 18 to buy alcohol or nicotin. Although I just remembered that these days here is basically a rule to ask ID everyone who seem to be under 30 but I don’t think they always do.
      Anyway, soon I should dye my hair or I’m looking much older… but homecolours are not so good and hairdresser costs too much…


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