This is my favorite entertainment tv-program which is finnish format. That show has been performed every year (exept 2016) since 2010. It includes improvisation, different sketches and sketch character competition. Every actor create an own sketch character and in every period one of these characters is dropped out. In the end of the seasion one of those characters will be the winner.

Last evening did resolve the new winner: ”Aina Inkeri Ankeinen” (as Pilvi Hämäläinen). She did parodise bitter people. She’s mantra (which you hear in third video) is: ”Oi luoja ota minut jo pois täältä” (=Oh, good please take me away from here). Also she did often said: ”Hiljaa” (quiet) to the host: Roope Salminen. 

My own favorite character was the second runner-up: ”Abdul Tuisku” (as Ernest Lawson (in that first video-clip)) which was partly parodised of finnish pop-singer: Antti Tuisku. Also I liked the fourth runner-up: ”Amurin Enkeli” (as Jenni Kokander) who was the love ambassador: the amor; like an angel of amor (in the second clip). She said she have joined together for example our president: Sauli Niinistö and his wife: Jenni Haukio.

In this sketch actors did change their characters themselves (so they did perform each other characters). It was not so easy to everyone as you can see.

For your information, ”tuomio” (judgment) is the nomination of person who will act in the ”näytön paikka” (show time) which is all about improvisation of changing subjects and styles. The actors wote that person. One person always got the immunity who can’t be woted. That immunity is solved in ”Tulikoe” (crucible). In this clip immunity is given to Timo (that one who gets the big hat). 

In this clip ”Näytön paikka” (or showtime) subject is the date with our former miss Finland first runner-up: Sabina Särkkä. Sabina makes the typical date questions to her partner and that partner have to answer according to emotions which are given to him. The emotions are:

  1. (Vihainen=) angry
  2. (Äärimmäisen kiusallinen=) really awkward
  3. (Maailman ylimielisin ihminen=) the worlds most arrogant human 
  4. (Luulee puhuvansa lapselle=) the partner think he’s talking to a child
  5. (Ylitsevuotavan eroottisesti latautunut=) really horny

    The questions:

    1. what do you do in your free time? (He’s just angry)
    2. Describe your dream woman.(embarassed answer with mentioning of breasts).
    3. Where do you see your selves after five years? (The answer: ”there is not ”Putous”, there is Erkku show” (his own show).)
    4. What is most important in life? (Just talking to child)
    5. Do you want to ask something? (You can see the answer).


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