The first and original sketch character winner 2010: ”Marja Tyrni” (Aku Hirviniemi). She’s the mother of all ”Putous” sketch characters. Marja Tyrni is old widow who lives in Turku, Pallivaha and likes ”bakeing”. She admires finnish actor: Tommi Korpela. (I think) she got influenced of finnish dance teacher and entertainer: Aira Samulin. Slogan: ”Suut makiaks” (Let’s relish, or something like that).

Marja Tyrni is singing finnish classic song: ”Matkalla Alabamaan” (”On the journey to Alabama”) with changed name and lyrics.

Sketch character winner 2011: ”Muna mies” (Riku Nieminen). (The finnish word ”muna” means two things: egg and ”balls”, mies=man). Slogans: ”Pieni muna, iso sielu” (Little balls, big soul), ”Kumpi oli ensin kana vai minä?” (which one was first chicken or I?) 

Mr.Mallorca (Jussi Vatanen) came second in 2011. This is one of my favorite characters. He’s travel guide. He greeted every one like this: ”Buenos tardesta vaan kaikille” (Buenos tardes(ta) to all of you). Slogans: ”Saletisti natsaa” (It nails for sure or it bites for sure, also it can mean ”get laid”), ”Se on ihan let’s go!” (It’s totally let’s go! (Don’t ask)).

The third winner: Leena Hefner o.s Herppeenluoma (Armi Toivanen). She is from Florida and she have made charity. Her hobby is disco. Leena always told stories how she was ”awfully awfully drunk”. Slogans: ”Minä tiesin” (I knew it), ”Mittää en tarvihe” (I don’t need anything).

Winner 2013: Karim Z.Yskowitcz (Jussi Vatanen), 45 years old immigration critical rightist who speaks finnish with foreigner accent.

In 2014 they showed us two Putous: at spring time and at fall time. Winner 2014 spring was one of the best characters: Antsku (Jussi Vatanen, (again)). Antsku is shy country”girl” from Imatra: Mansikkala. She have a jealous man. Antsku had a great stories and sympathetic personality. Slogan: ”Mie romahan” (I flop). Also She did start her sentences often liike: ”Hitoksee…” (”hitto” is like shoot so this could be shooting or something).

In the first video Antsku is telling how she decided in the morning to come to Helsinki cause her ”Ukko” were all night away from home. He went at hockey game and didn’t come home after that. ”She” thinks that he have something with some other girl. Her best friend Maikku did encourage her to leave.

At the end the host: Jaakko try to hug her but Antsku don’t want him to hug. ”She” says that if her ”Ukko” see it, she will flop.  

Winner fall 2014: ”Liitto-orava”, Salme Pasi (Union-squirrel as Joonas Nordman). (In finnish ”liito” means glide and flying-squirrel we say: glide-squirrel. ”Liitto” means: union so the name comes those mix. This squirrel is in Ay-league which is a trade Union). This was also great character! Slogans: ”Pehmeet touhuu” (smooth hustle), ”Sillai kai” (thus maybe-it’s Turku dialect). Women he calls the name: ”Soiva peli” (pealing game).

In this funny video usually selves confidential union-squirrel becomes embarassed when he meets (at date) our well known tv-speaker: Vappu Pimiä. He meets other women too but he fell in love with Vappu and can’t say anything to her instead of others. For them he’s just talking to his selves and don’t listening those women. (First of those date women is famous ex-model: Anne Kukkohovi.)

”The winner takes it all.”

This was the most hardest competitior for ”Liitto-orava”: Kissi Vähähiilari (Antti Holma). ”She” was the most popular at first but at the end Pasi cuted over and Kissi came second. Both were great! Kissi is some kind of fitness sports woman and ”she” have always different kind of ”diets”. Those are not normal diets, rather for example meet diets, not salad or anything light including. Slogans: ”Mä oon niin tööt” (I’m so toot/”tired”). Also she have different phrases like: ”Jaksaa jaksaa, painaa painaa, elämä on lainaa, kohta oot vainaa.” (Manage manage, push push, life is a loan, soon you are late).

This is free dance performance from Kissi’s competition program. It’s great! Watch this!

Winner 2015: Matti Pikkuvanhanen (Joonas Nordman). He’s 9-year old politician and wiseguy. He likes to be valid and hate to play like children. Slogan: ”Heikki, Heikki, kato mua, kato mua.” (Heikki (host), watch me, watch me). 


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