This is my answer to topic: ”where were you at 80’s”.

I was born when Urho Kekkonen was still Finlands president which makes me feel so old (he was the president 1956-1982). At the end of his term he came down with dementia and was eventully very sick. His follower was Mauno Koivisto.

For them who don’t remember…
The 80’s was the time when children still played outside and played board games too cause computers was so new and was not so usual (specially in early 80’s). Girls played with Barbie dolls too which was a totally own world (we didn’t have a virtual world like sims or something like that). Also people still wrote letters and posted cards for the same reason. I too had a lot of pen pals (specially in 90’s). I loved to get (long) letters and write those too.

No one did have cell phones eather. We only had one landline at home.

The biggest thing I still lively remember from the 80’s is the Chernobyl disaster (1986) even I hadn’t quite turned 6 years by then. I still remember how mom talked of it to dad even I didn’t understand how serious it was.

Me and my brother at summer cottage.

80: I was born at Helsinki ”Naisten klinikka” (= women clinic).

81: I took my first steps.

82-84: I was first time at boat trip (to Stockholm) and I was scared of ball pool where I went with my big brother. I was so little and I felt like I almost drowned in it. My brother took me eventully away from there.

84-85: I wounded my hand when I was playing with my brother and my godparents daughter. They did casting me (several times) on the bed. Other them had my legs and other them where holding my hands. It was nice until I broke my hand. I ended up in hospital to surgery.

I eate my first burger at ”Carrols”, which was quite new hamburger place in Finland.

85: I went to children’s day club and made new friends.

86: I went to preschool and met new friend: Katariina who became my best frend.

I did ”awake” to world. I understood I’m part of it and became awareness. (Watch my post of it.)

87: I went to primary school and also I started art school.

88-89: I went to ”nature club”.

89: I went first time to church weekend camp to a place called: ”Sipuli” (= onion). I loved that place and went there many times after that.

Me and my brother.

I also crushed at first time to my friend (but ofcourse never told him).

My favorite board game: Cluedo

My favorite tv-series: ”Ruusun aika” (rosies time), ”MacGyver”.

My favorite foods: liver casserole, macaroni casserole, thickened chicken soup.

It’s me with my new hat.

Go to check out my post (link under) where is also video links which reminds me of my childhood.


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