This is a cover of The Moody Blues well known song: ”For My Lady” by Neumann. I really like this song.


That last post about my childhood in 80’s inspired me to make a post about 80’s music in Finland. So here are my favorite 80’s songs performed by that decade famous finnish artists.

My first songs are performed by Neumann from the band called Dingo which were specially girls daydream by then. I wasn’t their biggest fan at that time but my brother listened them and wanted to be like Neumann (maybe to get girls…and trust me he really did). My mom liked Dingos (few) hits too, even she was a little older. Those really had a good sound. Later I begun also myselves really like their music.

”Nahkatakkinen tyttö” (Leather jacket girl) (-85) was one of the biggest hits by Dingo. It’s a great story of girl who have seen too much. She have used drugs and she have been used. Now she have got a baby who she shove in coach…

”Levoton tuhkimo” (Restless Cinderella) (-84) was also a big hit. It basicly tells a single who is dreaming of love. Even partying and having fun is not helping. The chorus says that life is simple when you have someone to hold on and you don’t have to ”cry your selves to sleep”.

”Kikka” was very popular, beginning from 80’s to 90’s.
This song: ”Anna, kulta, anna” (Give it to me honey-original: ”Hands up”) is from album: ”Mä haluun viihdyttää” (I wanna entertain) (-89). Kikka was known for her sexy style and her songs usually was implying. She have also beautiful love songs but most of her lyrics was not written to children. Anyway the sound was so tacky that I liked it and so did my friend too. Together we sometimes sung her songs. Kikka died very young. She was only 41 years old. I miss her. She was so sympathetic and charismatic person.

This is one of my biggest favorites: ”On nuori ilta tää” (Evening have just begun) (-89). That is so beautiful and sad song which is story of woman who’s waiting a man but that man (apparently) is not coming to her.

I didn’t find better version of that song but this is also one of my favorites of Kikka: ”Satu kaunis rakkauden” (The fairy taile of love -originally made by Mona Carita). 

”Joutsenlaulu” (The swan song) (-84) is the biggest hit of the popular band called: ”Yö” and still classic. It’s according to the name of the song, a sad song about older (lady?) whos best years are far behind. It’s song about depressed (lonely?) person who have lost happiness. This is a real masterpiece of all the time!

Eppu Normaali was also very popular in 80’s (and 90’s). That song: ”Kaikki häipyy on vain nyt” (Everything disappears it’s only this moment) (-86) is my favorite of their songs. This is a filosophic story of how small human is and how everything is transient. I specially love the chorus part where is said: ”One day you too will be gone. That’s why I love you now.” When I hear this I remember how important it is to live in a moment (and show your love to your loved ones) cause tomorrow it can be too late. Still this should be done more often. In week days it’ll be easily forgotten.

”Murheellisten laulujen maa” (A tragic songs land) (-82) is great story about finnish self-pity, drinking and violence that causing. You could say it’s about our common anxiety. This is ment to be a parody but there is much also true in these lyrics and I think thats why it became a classic. 

Leevi and the Leavings made lots of classic songs, partly parody, partly very sad and tragic songs. They have many many great songs. Unfortunately their front man: Gösta Sundqvist died in 2003 and they disbanded. Later they made comebac but they don’t have that kind of hit songs anymore. ”Anastasia” (-83) is beautiful song about woman who’s getting older and is loosing her beauty which men used to admired. Shortly the saying: ”Beauty is transient” is describeing this song well. There isn’t anymore many ”Leevis” songs in youtube which is pity. So I couldn’t find any hit songs.

That popular artist (Hector) my father listened much when I was little and specially this song have stayed in my mind. ”Olen nielaissut kuun” (I swallowed the moon) (-88). I didn’t understand it. I was wondering what is it about. Later I begun to like this and understood it’s about living in the dark with someone. It’s about depression, it’s about unstable mind, it’s about relationship which have not always been ok but which have lasted and is still full of passion. 

That is very beautiful song and my biggest favorites ever: ”Ikävä” (Missing). This singer also made great hits in 80’s. There is lyrics also in english!

”Sielunveljet” was also famous in 80’s.
They didn’t have very many hits but this one was one of those: Peltirumpu (Platedrum) (-85). That one I liked at youngster (in 90’s). This was played a lot in the radio many years.

One more song. This is also a big hit from 80’s and singer was famous until his death 2006. ”Kaksoiselämää” (Double life) (-86) is a philosophic song about life. Singer is wondering how some people can live a double life when he have troubles to make through this one. I found this songs beauty a little older.

There could be surely find many other songs for this list but I left it like this or it will be too long. These are the songs that first came in to my mind. Have a nice sunday!



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