The day before yesterday I got a text message. My paralyzed friend told me about her dream. She was dreaming of that she was healthy and she was in some shopping centre. Then suddenly she heard my mom did call her. My mom were also like younger. Her leg was ok (She broke her leg years ago and it have not healed) and her hair was brown (in real life she’s grey haired -she’s over 70-). I was there with my mom and we all went to cafe together. When we were choosing what we order, she did wake up. I can Imagine it was a sad wakeing up. It’s long time ago she was healthy and she have had many many hard years after the stroke. At first it was so close that she don’t even survive. I think my friend went in her dream back in time when we all were much younger. Oh, how I hope it really could be done…but the best part is that I did think about that friend in that day!!

Anyway, we made an agreement we’ll meet some day. It’s been a long time we haven’t met. I’m looking forward that!

I hope you watch my link video! An Australian girl who have lived in Finland have made a fantastic description of Finland! I have also commented that video. There are more of my thoughts about that. So if you have time and interest read my comment.

Tomorrow I have a job interview to old man who is seeking a care taker. Wish me luck!


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