This is so funny and so cute finnish ”Silja Line” boat trip ad! You wanna go to Stockholm? (Now I have to say a deep sympathy from me to that tragic terrorist strike victims loved ones! Stocholm is quite close to me cause I’ve been there many times, like most of finns. That strike was very sad!)

There under is also birds but little bit different birds. That’s a field show (made by our team leader): ”The Swan” from Gymnaestrada -gymnastick happening- 2015. I was also there. It was very unique and fantastic experience! It was just so pity that I came ill on ”Midnight sun special” evening (the first field show of two from where this video clip is). I remember I was very tired when we had to stand and wait our turn (I think I had also fever) and my sniffle got worse and worse but I made it through and enjoyed anyway! 

There’s also a compilation of that ”Midnight sun special” evening.


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