These are the old eggs I painted years ago. Those are still at my parents. I used those a technique I learned in painting school. These two are eggs I made to look like marble. I also made a grained egg (like a wooden egg) but it was too broken, so it’s not in this picture.

When I was little we had every easter the tradition to have a rooster which ”layed eggs”. So my mom did by chocolate eggs and put those eggs in friday evening to chassis with easter rooster. On saturday morning when I woke up I went to check what was the rooster layed. That was a special and fun moment. That was the best day after christmas eve and what made it very special I truly believed in it. I did believe that our rooster (pipe) did lay those eggs to me. I didn’t know it was mom who put those eggs there  -until I was bigger when I tryed to peek what my mom did put in that chassis-. 

Eggs painting was also the must thing to do in easter. The colorfull eggs was beautiful on the table. Then we sometimes dressed ourselves like an easter wiches with my friends and went door to door to ”sell” easter wickers. We got more yummys like that! It was so funny! 

The little things was the big thing by then. That’s why childhood was so great time! 

What kind of easter traditions you have had? 

Have a nice easter!


2 ajatusta artikkelista “DO YOU HAVE EASTER ROOSTER WHICH ”LAY EGGS”?

  1. I never got to go on an Easter egg hunt when I was a little girl but I made sure my children did. I made their baskets and always included a special present for them. Then later in the day…was the Easter egg hunt. They don’t remember…but I do. 🙂


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