”Born in Heinola” is movie about the great finnish punkrock band: ”Apulanta” (which means by the way ”fertilizer” in english). 

It’s 90’s in Heinola and were living in economic depression. It’s before EU. The money in Finland is ”markka”. There is friends who like to play together and they make the band but the succes and life was not so easy. Before they really even started the band they already almost ended up but then they did try once again. After that they did one of their biggest hits: ”Hei hei mitä kuuluu” and the end is history. 

The movie is great combination of drama, friendship, good music and ofcourse young love. There is new beautiful versions of ”Apulanta” songs. Specially that ”Armo”
, which I linked here with this post. It’s very epic version! I got shivers when I heard it for the first time (yesterday). 

I liked very much also that actor who played vocalist: Toni. He was so much like Tony not only the look but he also talked like Toni. The speaking voice and -style was the same. He sounded as sensitive as real Toni.

The movie was the best (finnish) movie I’ve seen for long time ago. I really recommend it to all (specially for Apulanta fans)!

Song lyrics:

”Armo” (A Mercy)

I’m surrounded by emptiness so that I could see 

So that I would learn myself what I feel and I would know it

I have to go alone I have to walk without a shell 

One part have to stay behind that another can find it’s end 

This moment I avoided I evaded I scared this so much now it must come to the end

Chorus: It’s the time of the last instant…To this moment end lots of good, lots of beautiful whose limbs are already dead it must be gone this way

Even if I’d like to deny and try to cherish but I know that it’s useless to delay the grace

Evil omens of the silence fill everything so painfully present every moment ’though I turn my head away

Even if I close my eyes the picture stays it doesn’t go away but it doesn’t come along but is staring at me constantly

This way is gonna fall us we can’t move on it can’t be this way it must come to the end 

Chorus: It’s the time of the last instant…

”Kelpaanhan, rakkaani” (Am I Good Enough, My Love)

I don’t have costly cloths or fancy car and I don’t have much money but I wish it don’t harm you

Chorus: Come beside me again, let’s go to sleep, good night, kiss me

Come beside me again and show me that I’m ok, with you I feel I’m special one

It means a lot to me that I can be with you, if you too like me, give a little kiss to me

Chorus: Come beside me again…

2 ajatusta artikkelista “”TEIT MEISTÄ KAUNIIN” (”BORN IN HEINOLA”)


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