I took this photo yesterday in our yard on my way to grocery store.


It’s been ”nice” weather here. (Now it’s little bit better but) yesterday evening when I watched out of the window I was shocked. There was snowing and the ground was white too. (Just in case If you don’t know, this is not normal here in Helsinki in this time of the year, maybe norther it could be happening but not in south). For a while I thought that maybe I’m still sleeping and that snow was only a dream but nope, it wasn’t a dream…I’m really waiting the spring already. I’m so tired of this winter weather. Even when there hadn’t  snow there have been cold and the sun haven’t barely came out in this whole year. That’s weard too!

The day before yesterday spring came here for one day. Birds were singing and the sun shined so brightly. I was so sure that it was a start of the spring but obviously I was wrong. 

There is only one good thing that spring haven’t come yet. We still have studded tires in our car, luckily. Many people have already changed their tires like it basically should have according to the law but we knew that the weather forecast did picture a bad weather. Still I’m wondering where are you spring? I miss you, please come back! 

Have a great May Day!


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