Tanssitytön blogi: tea and sympathy, my teacup.

A cup of tea and the world seems to be a better place right after…

We have in Finland the saying: ”Teetä ja sympatiaa” which means: Tea and sympathy. It’s a funny saying but on the other hand I understand where it comes. Tea (like coffee also) will brighten you up. Tea is just smoother than coffee so it really will make you on better mood…atleast for a while.

Today when I woke up I took a cup of tea (cause there was no coffee left). I felt better after that. I started thinking like it’s so nice it’s summer and it’s bright and green…and that everything will be allright. I even thought that I will surely soon find a new permanent job which I still haven’t got after ”A”(person who’s care taker I was 10 years) passed away. I thought more positively than before my morning tea. That’s interesting and that I also have noticed after drinking coffee. I did sometimes read somewhere that coffee decrease depression, especially women depression. I think tea will also help (it must be the caffeine). Caffeine is really interesting stuff…

Have a happy ascension day!


Tanssitytön blogi: Nice thought, a pillowe on the window.

This pillow were at shop window near my parents apartment. Quite cute, isn’t it? 

Could I do that please…just relax and eat chocolate. Forget about everything else for a while…

Another great could be ”Keep calm and drink coffee”, right?! Or maybe after all ”Keep calm and drink wine” is better. Wine is more relaxing than coffee…or the best one: ”Keep calm, eat chocolate and drink wine!”

😜 😉 😂 👌 👍 🍫 


Ok, we lost at hockey world championship and didn’t got any medal. (First we lost against Sweden so we didn’t made it to final, then we lost against Russian at bronz-medal fight). Well, next year is new change, hopely with a better team. Besides I have to admit it: both swedish and russian were better. Although I don’t understand why Säteri weren’t our goalkeeper from the beginning of the bronz-medal game. Säteri did replace Korpisalo after he took too much goals in but in my mind he should have been the whole game the goalkeeper. Säteri did have earlier very good games and this was very important game to us. Maybe the numbers could have been different…or maybe not. I don’t know but it seemed like Säteri would had a better stresshandlelimit…

The final game (Canada-Sweden) was very interesting. Sweden won the very even game at shootouts.

Life goes on…Next year we have a new try again. I hope we got more NHL-players at that game. Many of them refused this year to come to play at our ”Lion team”. It’s sad even I understand that for example Laine wanted to have a holiday after NHL and many of players were injured too…but we need the best players if we want to be successful. You have to come to save our name! Then we can rise again and show to others! After that I don’t think we need to speculate anymore what’s wrong about Finnish hockey (like they now do).  


We won USA at hockey world championship game today! I didn’t very strongly believe in that but we did it…and we kept shutout too. Now it’s sure that we are in semifinal and compete of medals. I hope we will go to the final game and win a gold medal even I don’t believe in our change of getting it but it’s already time for our last win (2011) so it would be our turn to win the cup again. Let’s just hope the best!


Beautiful flower to my beautiful mom from me and my brother. I love orchideas! 

My mom turned last month 73 years old but she still doesn’t have much wrinkles at her facies. She’s looking much younger specially if she would dye her grey hear…but she don’t really have to do that either cause it’s a beautiful shade of gray…or actually it’s white! Anyway she still looks good and she’s dear to me! She have always done everything to me. If I could I would wish she never gets older of this and never comes weaker (like she already have). I would wish she’s always here for me!

MAUNO KOIVISTO (25.11.1923-12.5.2017)

Our former president Mauno Koivisto have passed away. He worked as president two periods (1982-1994). He was Finlands ninth president and the one who have lived most oldest. Koivisto worked as Finlands prime minister in the years 1968-1970 and 1979-1982. He worked also Finlands banks general manager 1968-1982.

Koivisto did for example decrease the authority of president. The former presidents (Kekkonen) authority had been huge and Koivisto wanted to decrease that so that it’s not given too much authority for one person. After that it have decrease more. These days (I think) our president is almost like king who don’t make decisions just pr things. I don’t think it’s democracy either. We vote the president we want to deside our things and he/or she can’t do anything. 

Koivisto did also many historical and determined foreign policy solutions. He had good relationships to russian and USA and he was initiator to our joining to EU. We left the application in 1992 by his motion. (Finally we did join to EU in 1995).

Koivistos authority time was dramatic for economicly. First there were strong boom and then came the big depression. I somehow remember both. It was the time of my childhood. Specially that big 90’s depression have left in my mind ’cause during it I was growing to teenager and that was always in the news. Some did blame Koivisto of that depression but there were many reasons which led to it.

At oldest years, Koivisto did got alzheimer desease and he moved to nursing home at march where he didn’t reach to be a long time before his death.

Koivisto will be always remembered for what he did. Rest in peace Mauno Koivisto!

Source (and more information): wikipedia Suomi (=Finland)


I made a promise. A promise not to comment finnish eurovision songs anymore if we don’t manage to reach to finals in this year. Well, we didn’t! For long time ago we really had good song and we still didn’t make it. I don’t get it! 
However there were some boring songs which made their way to the finals like swedish. It’s that typical disco pumping where’s nothing special. Our song was real art! So now I will never comment any finnish eurovision songs again cause none of those obviously isn’t working well (exept Lordi). On the other hand some year it should be our turn again if this competition is still continuing for the decades.

This have been quite dismal spring for finnish in many ways. First in the hockey world cup we lost to France (5-1) first time ever! Then we lost to czech (4-3) though we had the 3-0 lead from the beginning to third period when we got penalty and they got their first goal…and soon two more… The game went to penalty shots which we lost and which is (in my mind) not the fair way to solve games. Anyway, after this we got that eurovision decline. Also the weather have been really bad in this spring. Today it was snowing again and it was so cold outside! I’m really annoyed if summer doesn’t come soon!!! Why this all is happening?! We have 100 year anniversary. We should have good year!

Anyway, there is many good songs competing in ESC this year.
Like I may have said earlier I like for example France, Estonian, Hungary and Germany but I’ve found also new favorites: Portugal, Italy (and Moldova). Portugals song is really beautiful. I love it (even more than our own song)! Italy in turn is very tacky and joyfull (atleast it sounds like it. I don’t understand italy). Those are all just so different kind of music that it’s quite hard to put those to rank order. Well, I don’t have to do it. 

I think I have opened up enough now! ’Till the next time…


This very beautiful song (composition and singing: Lasse Mårtenson, lyrics: Juha Vainio), ”Everything but sailing is unnecessary” is about life and it’s adventures. Sailing in this context means life itselves.

Chorus: at once you’ll reach the pile of rainbow, there will end the trip of lonely one 

At once you’ll reach the island of love, where peacefull surge will take you

Last weekend I went to my godmothers funeral to Kerava with my brother.
Our parents didn’t manage to come cause they’re so old and weak but we were there with my brother. He came to pick me up at ten. I haven’t got slept very well and because of the time line I made my make up in the car which wasn’t easy. Anyway I made it and it was quite fine at the end. I had bought the beautiful calla lily for us to lay at the grave. The weather was also beautiful. It was so warm and sunny. At the cemetery birds were singing like they did also leave a goodbye to my godmother. Just like we were singing psalms.

When I saw other of my godmothers sisters at the parking place I was quite confused. She looked so much like my godmother and she also talked like her. It was kind of weard to talk to her.

The preast was very likable and her speech touched me (like those always does at the funeral). She told us that my godmother did said before her dead that she would like to go to her husband (who died ten years ago). Now her wish came thrue. I want to think that they’re happily together again.

I’m sad behalf they’re daughter (=M) who’s now quite alone. Her parents are gone and she don’t have her own family not even husband. We did make an agreement that we will meet with her and with my brother some day at summer cause we didn’t met for long time ago. We always only meet in these kind of events. Last time we met it was my 30th year birthday partys so it’s up to seven years ago. 

There was great food available: pork file with brussels sprouts, carrots and potatoes. Also the dessert were delicious: strawberry cream cake and brownies. 

While we eate we shared the lovely memories at the same time. Like about when and where did my godparents marry, about the close friendship between my own parents and my godparents, about when did children came, and the games of us (children).  For example I still lively remember how I broke my hand in our wild play when I was about four years old. You can read more about that in my earlier post https://tanssitytto.wordpress.com/?s=There+I+was+at+80%27s&submit=Etsi Also I (as the lastborn) was often the dog or a baby of my brother and M’s.

Farewell Anneli!


Here are ”Dancing with the stars” winners: Anna-Maija Tuokko and Matti Puro.
It’s been a while from finals but I totally forgot to tell you. Well, ”better later than ever” (as we say atleast here in Finland). This was Matti’s third win. I guess he’s quite good teacher. 

Unfortunately Laura Malmivaara had to end her competition because she hurted her arm too badly at rehearsal.
I would like to see her in the finals. She was one of the best…but sure Anna-Maija was also good, congratulations to her and Matti!