I made a promise. A promise not to comment finnish eurovision songs anymore if we don’t manage to reach to finals in this year. Well, we didn’t! For long time ago we really had good song and we still didn’t make it. I don’t get it! 
However there were some boring songs which made their way to the finals like swedish. It’s that typical disco pumping where’s nothing special. Our song was real art! So now I will never comment any finnish eurovision songs again cause none of those obviously isn’t working well (exept Lordi). On the other hand some year it should be our turn again if this competition is still continuing for the decades.

This have been quite dismal spring for finnish in many ways. First in the hockey world cup we lost to France (5-1) first time ever! Then we lost to czech (4-3) though we had the 3-0 lead from the beginning to third period when we got penalty and they got their first goal…and soon two more… The game went to penalty shots which we lost and which is (in my mind) not the fair way to solve games. Anyway, after this we got that eurovision decline. Also the weather have been really bad in this spring. Today it was snowing again and it was so cold outside! I’m really annoyed if summer doesn’t come soon!!! Why this all is happening?! We have 100 year anniversary. We should have good year!

Anyway, there is many good songs competing in ESC this year.
Like I may have said earlier I like for example France, Estonian, Hungary and Germany but I’ve found also new favorites: Portugal, Italy (and Moldova). Portugals song is really beautiful. I love it (even more than our own song)! Italy in turn is very tacky and joyfull (atleast it sounds like it. I don’t understand italy). Those are all just so different kind of music that it’s quite hard to put those to rank order. Well, I don’t have to do it. 

I think I have opened up enough now! ’Till the next time…


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