MAUNO KOIVISTO (25.11.1923-12.5.2017)

Our former president Mauno Koivisto have passed away. He worked as president two periods (1982-1994). He was Finlands ninth president and the one who have lived most oldest. Koivisto worked as Finlands prime minister in the years 1968-1970 and 1979-1982. He worked also Finlands banks general manager 1968-1982.

Koivisto did for example decrease the authority of president. The former presidents (Kekkonen) authority had been huge and Koivisto wanted to decrease that so that it’s not given too much authority for one person. After that it have decrease more. These days (I think) our president is almost like king who don’t make decisions just pr things. I don’t think it’s democracy either. We vote the president we want to deside our things and he/or she can’t do anything. 

Koivisto did also many historical and determined foreign policy solutions. He had good relationships to russian and USA and he was initiator to our joining to EU. We left the application in 1992 by his motion. (Finally we did join to EU in 1995).

Koivistos authority time was dramatic for economicly. First there were strong boom and then came the big depression. I somehow remember both. It was the time of my childhood. Specially that big 90’s depression have left in my mind ’cause during it I was growing to teenager and that was always in the news. Some did blame Koivisto of that depression but there were many reasons which led to it.

At oldest years, Koivisto did got alzheimer desease and he moved to nursing home at march where he didn’t reach to be a long time before his death.

Koivisto will be always remembered for what he did. Rest in peace Mauno Koivisto!

Source (and more information): wikipedia Suomi (=Finland)


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