Ok, we lost at hockey world championship and didn’t got any medal. (First we lost against Sweden so we didn’t made it to final, then we lost against Russian at bronz-medal fight). Well, next year is new change, hopely with a better team. Besides I have to admit it: both swedish and russian were better. Although I don’t understand why Säteri weren’t our goalkeeper from the beginning of the bronz-medal game. Säteri did replace Korpisalo after he took too much goals in but in my mind he should have been the whole game the goalkeeper. Säteri did have earlier very good games and this was very important game to us. Maybe the numbers could have been different…or maybe not. I don’t know but it seemed like Säteri would had a better stresshandlelimit…

The final game (Canada-Sweden) was very interesting. Sweden won the very even game at shootouts.

Life goes on…Next year we have a new try again. I hope we got more NHL-players at that game. Many of them refused this year to come to play at our ”Lion team”. It’s sad even I understand that for example Laine wanted to have a holiday after NHL and many of players were injured too…but we need the best players if we want to be successful. You have to come to save our name! Then we can rise again and show to others! After that I don’t think we need to speculate anymore what’s wrong about Finnish hockey (like they now do).  


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